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Green Bee Botanicals co-founders female beauty business entrepreneurs Bridget May and Kim Howard


Our Story

Hello! I'm Bridget May. And I'm Kim Howard. We've been friends for 40 years. (!) We started Green Bee Botanicals to improve our health with nature's most healing plants — all with less waste, less plastic, cleaner oceans and a healthier planet.

Bridget is a lifelong environmentalist, trained botanist and former analytical chemist with a passion for plants and healing. Kim is a writer, entrepreneur and former nonprofit development director with roots in social justice and environmental conservation.

We're both ardent believers in science and plant medicine. Tens of thousands of plants are used medicinally around the world today, but not every plant has been studied enough to prove its efficacy. In everything we make at Green Bee for our bodies and our skin, we use well-researched plants that have evidence to back up their effectiveness and their safety. 

We invite you to become a bee-liever too.


Bridget May and Kim Howard signature co-founders of Green Bee Botanicals