Fine Mist Spray Top for Fresh Face Toner

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Introducing our fine mist spray top for all you mist lovers out there. Turn your Green Bee Fresh Toner into the best Fresh Toner Mist. Just replace the recyclable aluminum cap with this mist sprayer top and protective overcap, et voilà! This reusable, optional spray top prevents single-use plastic, makes hydrating your face, neck, chest and hands easy and convenient, and can extend the life of your toner.

We designed our Fresh Face Toner bottle without a spray top because we, like many of you, are moving away from plastic. Our bottles and jars are glass and our lids are aluminum because glass and aluminum are infinitely recyclable. But we got feedback from a lot of you that you wish our toner came with a fine mist spray top. We heard you loud and clear.

Here’s what you need to know about our fine mist sprayer top:

  • Produces a fine, uniform mist
  • Atomizer spray top seals perfectly to our Fresh Toner bottle
  • Leak-proof gaskets prevent leaking and clogging
  • Matching overcap protects what’s inside, keeping it fresher longer
  • Made of high-quality, BPA-free and lead-free polypropylene
  • Durable and resilient with high flexural strength to last a long time

Buy it once and reuse it over and over, reducing single use plastic.

Why convert your Fresh Face Toner into a Toner Mist?

  1. Many Green Bee Toner fans (including us) like the convenience of a toner mist spray. It’s easier and faster.
  2. Makes your toner last longer by using less product per use.
  3. Allows you to quickly mist your face, neck and chest (even the backs of your hands) throughout the day when you need extra hydration.
  4. Becomes two products in one: light, touch-free mister during the day, and a deeper exfoliator at night ⁠— just spray toner onto a reusable cotton round and gently wipe your face after cleansing. This deeper treatment removes any last traces of makeup or dirt and provides mild manual exfoliation.

We’ve thoroughly tested this spray pump and feel confident that those of you pining for a fine mist spray are going to love it. We’re obsessed now too!

To reuse your pump (and use less plastic!), wash your pump when you’ve finished your Fresh bottle before adding it to a new bottle:

  1. Wash with warm, sudsy water
  2. Pump 70% rubbing alcohol through the pump
  3. Rinse thoroughly (you don’t want any leftover alcohol in your toner tube!)
  4. Let dry completely before adding back to your bottle


1 review for Fine Mist Spray Top for Fresh Face Toner

  1. Christine

    Omg this spray nozzle for the toner is Ahhmaazzingg! It makes using the toner so easy. I like using it with cotton rounds too for the extra exfoliation, but this mister is a game changer for when I’m in a hurry or when I want the toner to absorb on its own.

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